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Sculptor artist

Born 11th January 1946 in Rouen

His father being an architect and artist, as a child he thought also to become an architect and take over his father’s practice.
His studies at the Ecole Régionale de Beaux Arts of Rouen and at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris however sealed ‘ LECHE’s destiny.
Having  exhibited  in a Rouen gallery at the age of fifteen his first sculptures carved from stone, he soon turned to the creation of monumental works directly related to Architecture.
From the 1960s onwards he met and collaborated with the best known architects on their projects.
He met and married Chantal with whom he has always shared  practical complicity and constructive criticism.

Self-taught as a sculptor, he heeds the words of Jean Arp :
« Art comes to us from nature and must return to it through the artist’s hands »
For materials other than stone,  he favours, concrete, iroko and wenge wood, stainless steel soldered with argon gas, bronze etc. He covers a wide field of inspiration linked to diverse elements of nature and their effects : erosion, concretion, cristallisation, flowering etc.
Out of these natural elements he derives concepts based on the construction and structure of forms, going so far as to sculpt with water for fountains.
His affection for convex and concave curves in opposition to sharp cutting edges creates high relief and rounded forms of great sensuality in his constant search for contrast.
The abstract expression of his work is often evocative of symbolist, but is rarely figurative.
The material chosen will always influence the concept adopted and the overall aspect of the sculpture. A sculpture in a mineral medium will be the object of an aesthetic diametrically opposed to one realised in stainless steel.
A large part of his pictural and sculptural work is directly based on the composition and geometric organisation thus drawing him close to Constructivism.
He favours, prior to the final realisation of a work a strict attention to preparatory drawings and three-dimensional models.
Numerous architect-sourced competitions and more private projects  occupy a large part of his studio and on site time, bearing in mind none of his work is sub-contracted.

Counting among his successes leading to monumental sculptures :
The European Monument in the Maison de Robert Schumann at Scy-Chazelles, La Croix des Gardes overlooking Cannes, The Monaco Tunnel sculpture, in front of the Ferrari Museum, Marinello, Italy and in Paris, Rouen etc not counting the USA and Germany.
He has participated throughout his professionnal career in numerous exhibitions in  reputed Salons d’Art in France and abroad.

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