Theme of the Bargemon Exhibition Summer 2015
Theme of the Bargemon Exhibition
Summer 2015


Euphorism and Connections

Jean-Yves LECHEVALLIER  Euphorisme et Connexions

Opening June Saturday the 20th 2015
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Euphorism and Connections

Working within the third dimension, with the notion of space, light, movement and colour satisfies an ?envie de vivre'.

The birth of a painting gives free rein to chance and spontaneity of the moment.

The random gesture sets the basis for a whole array of straight and curved lines, points and circles which are the departure point towards an irrational spatial world having no link to reason but heading in all the directions of liberty.

It is a matter of releasing pêle-mêle an ensemble of geometric elements like the modules of a construction game or a mikado.
By rearranging these elements, the painting takes on an architectural aspect within which one?s spirit can travel and inhabit as if in one?s own home.

Intuition is always in close rapport with my inner senses, where geometry reigns loyal to its own rules.

Joy, sadness, nostalgia for the past in which one?s youth bore all the hopes for existence permanently lodge in my spirit and are generally the constructive yeast for all my creations.

Music and its harmonies and rhythms play an important rôle depending on the diverse and eclectic genres within which I work.

Once the fragments are spread out on paper or onto canvas, a strict logic for their assembly rapidly and paradoxically occurs to their inter-related forms and connecting lines.

This general abstraction with its relations and marriages of forms give birth to a symphony of movements that criss-cross delightfully. From this seeming chaos of lines and forms, there stands out for all to see with ineffable joy the pragmatic outcome of harmony and balance and that so sought after purity of beauty.

Beauty, a keyword in my art, justifies the love of creation and of the values of equilibrium that define a sound society.

One can decipher, above and beyond the purely visible aspect, a symbolist world that some may appreciate but others might refute, depending on their culture and sensibilities.

Tétraktys, title of the work illustrating the exhibition poster, derives from this as a major Pythagorean expression.

"The impact of the acute angle of a triangle upon a circle produces an effect no less powerful than Michaelangelo?s finger of God touching the finger of Adam." From Vassily Kandinsky

Peymeinade 5th May 2015

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