David Macilwaine David MACILWAINE


Biographical notes

David Macilwaine The bass player
The Bass Player
Steel rods / Barres d'acier
H 2m  X 80 cm X 90 cm

David Macilwaine The saxophonist

The Saxophonist
Steel rods / Barres d'acier
H 1m80  X  80 cm X 1m

David Macilwaine The cyclist

The Cyclist
Steel rods / Barres d'acier
H 1m30 X  30 X 1m60

A film by Jason Osborn of David Macilwaine making the sculpture Walk Don't Walk in June 2009.
The sculpture is based upon a painting of the same title by David from 1978.
Original score by Jason Osborn.