Michel Carlin    

Brief biographical notes
Biographie (version française)

Born on 22nd March in Chambéry, France, Carlin witnesses, as an eight year old, the bombardment of his home town,
a defining moment whose apocalyptic aftermath will determine his future career as an artist.

Traumatised by the war, he is taken in by his uncle in Golfe-Juan, who initiates him to painting in watercolour and gouache.
He also visits once a week his great-uncle in Vallauris and, through him, learns hows to model clay.

Returns to his parents in Savoie. Becomes a student at the Beaux Arts in Grenoble. Participates in the decoration of the St.Hugues en Chartreuse Church. First oil painting.

He arrives in Paris and studies life drawing at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. Brings his work to Fernand Léger who guides him in his atelier rue Notre-Dame des Champs ..

Called up, he departs for Tunisia. and finds himself at the centre of a war, that he cannot accept, and, on his return,
he transfers these visions of hell on to canvas.

He organizes an exhibit entitled "Paix en Algérie".

Vast abstract white compositions draw a veil over his memories of death .

Participates in the exhibition "Peinture et Lumière". Meets Picasso and Prévert.

He exhibits every year with Arp, Dubuffet, Matta and Debré at the Festival d'Arts Plastiques, Antibes.

1968- 1971
Takes over the Albert Gleizes ateliers in Isère, founds the group Structures Espaces, exhibits frequently in the Rhône-Alpes region, and continues his series of vast white compositions, including "La Centaine d'Amours" with poems by Pablo Neruda.
Participates in the International Biennale of Ceramics in Vallauris and in a collective atelier experience in the Museum of Chambéry.

1972- 1973
"Expression Contemporaine" exhibitions in the Rhône-Alpes region, "Forum des Arts" for France Culture and FR3
makes a programme about his paintings..

1975- 1977
Moves to Fayence,Var, paints in the open air, exhibits at the Galerie Maître Albert , Paris and the Galerie Candila, Cannes, where he rejoins his friends André Villers, Jean-Claude Vignes and Jean Villeri.

Forum des Arts, Fréjus, guest artist with Mirò, Tapiès ,César

International Ceramics Biennale, Vallauris, International Salon de Peinture, Museum of Toulon.

"Anthology of Contemporary Creation", Museum of Toulon.

Goes back to large format painting. Personal exhibition at the Galerie Pierre Parat, Paris.

Begins his "Suzanne and the Elders" series, which will continue over the next ten years.

Opens his Avignon Studio to the public during the Festival, and holds exhibitions there and in Cagnes the following year.

Carlin exhibits his "Les Jardins de Suzanne" at the Galerie Renoir, Nice.

He travels to Germany to exhibit at the Rathaus, Bûren and admires in Cologne works by Baselitz, Richter, Beuys.
He exhibits this same year at the Galerie Sordini, Marseille.

"Photographic Promenade" of André Villers within a Carlin painting : Exhibition at the Fondation Siccard-Iperti, Vallauris.

Numerous personal shows in France and Germany and his work is exhibited at the Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Nice.

1999 -2000
"Mémoire du Corps" series exhibited in Paris, Nice, Draguignan,Vallauris

Studies for an atelier in the Millenium, Restaurant Le Domino Draguignan.

Carlin moves his studio to Callas in the Haut-Var and abandons ceramics, concentrating thereafter on exploring the "Mémoire du Corps" theme.

For the Millenium Carlin takes 2000 small format drawings and paintings relating to "Mémoire du Corps" on tour around France.

Group Exhibition "Corps Célestes" with André and Chantal Villers at Beddington FineArt, Bargemon.
Becomes permanent Gallery artist. Participates in the exhibition : Picasso, voyage dans l'amitié at the Malmaison, Cannes.

Participates in the Bourges Biennale.Guest of honour at the Exhibition of Contemporary Art
"Le Moussiau" held at the Château d'eau de Bourges.

Gallery Artgument,Esvres / Gallery Bogena, St Paul de Vence
Gallery Carla Milivinti, Blois / Gallery Entre-Temps Bourges

Château d'Eau, Château d'Art Mémoire de Corps 18000 Bourges 24 March - 24 April
Galerie Entre-Temps 18000 Bourges "Etudes sur papier" 26 March - 28 April
Beddington Fine Art , Bargemon Mémoire de Corps Oeuvres récentes 27 May - 21 July 2007

Galerie Médiart, 75003 Paris, Mémoire de Corps, 14th April - 4th May

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Nature morte rouge - 185 x 127 cm
HSB - 1959 (coll. de l'artiste)

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Barricades – 120 x 120 cm
HSP - 1968 (coll. de l’artiste)

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Composition blanche
HST - 1975 (coll. de l’artiste)

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« Les Anonymes »
  HSB – 163 x 117 cm 1995
(Collection MAMAC Nice)

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Mémoire de corps
en situation
à la Chapelle de l’Observance de Draguignan - 1998

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Étude de torses
  HSB - 65 x 122 cm-2012

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Mémoire de corps
(détail du triptyque) 
HSB - 170 x 300 cm - 2012

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