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Beddington Fine Art Gallery is proud to present the paintings of Ramon Otting in Bargemon. In the vineyard series of the dutch painter Ramon Otting (1969) it’s all about the rough, wild and loving nature and the way it takes it’s course. The landscape is a huge source of inspiration. It reflects our moods, is enjoyable, can heal, or gives room for contemplation. For his vineyard paintings he did his inspirations and painting in and at vineyards in France and Italy.

Everything happens in the landscape
"Walking through the vineyards in the autumn, I noticed the terrain in which the beautiful vines grow. A mosaic of vineyards in the most fantastic colors. I also saw the amazing colors of the leaves and the soil. Earthy red brown, clear wine red, warm ochre and cool lemon yellow. Black and green fade away into grey fog blending into a dim blue atmospheric perspective.

I started sketching and tried to translate my feelings of the vines by using the terroir. In this countryside you see and feel the power of the soil in the vines, the leaves and the grapes. In my paintings I literally transfer nature’s behavior to canvas. To paint like that is like almost merging with nature, even though there’s always some sense of shaping the image. But of course this is never attainable, this can only happen in nature. Sometimes you can also go too far, so you fall over, but that’s good too. In the end it’s all about the endeavor, because we can never really reach nature’s perfection. We’ll always be confronted with our shortcomings and insignificance. But it’s in front of us humans in the perseverance, in the road to the goal."

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