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Aricle Var Matin 7 mars 2018

Var Matin 7 mars 2018

Stephen PAUL Iris

Oil on canvas / Huile sur toile
115 x 220 cm

Stephen Paul Another Pond

Another Pond
Oil on canvas / Huile sur toile
180 x 155 cm

Stephen Paul Fig

Oil on canvas / Huile sur toile
112 x 90 cm

Stephen Paul  The Worst is over  Part 1

The Worst is over / Part 1
Oil on canvas / Huile sur toile
121 x 168 cm

Stephen Paul  I was here

I was here
Oil on canvas / Huile sur toile
100 x 100 cm

Artistic Statement 

 "I  have been working with abstract techniques for the past 10 years but I am essentially drawing inspiration from the same landscapes that I began painting 35 years ago. Initially I represented the Sequoias and mountains and rivers of California, the high plains deserts of Arizona and The Grand Canyon quite literally- as an observer. But exploring new techniques allowed me to make the transition from a conscious approach to painting to a more emotional and involved expression of what it felt like to be part of that environment.
In this latest series I may still use a literally rendered image of a wild animal or a bird but I try to use it as an abstract element, balancing within the composition not only the image but the weight of the sentiment that it bears.
I like the dynamics of contrast. I usually begin with a very loose, very broad composition that gives the piece a foundation of movement and energy. That is why my paintings are generally large. Most of them have developed over years with many layers that, at some point, have been worked with an abrasive disc that removes areas and reveals random patterns that I then try to isolate. And somewhere in this process, between the paint and the sanding and whatever impulses I bring to the canvas a theme will emerge. It is rare that I begin a painting with a vision that makes it all the way to the final piece. Always something unexpected surfaces. I try to create as many moments as I can on the surface of each painting and then respond to them. In this way each piece is simultaneously a discovery and a personal expression".
Stephen Paul

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