Jacques Renoir

A photographic retrospective of his recent work

There is a certain inevitability to the career of Pierre-Auguste and Jean Renoir’s great-grandson and nephew, Jacques : a diploma from the Louis Lumière National Photographic and Cinematographic School, then several invaluable years as assistant to some of the great directors and producers (Vadim, Sautet, Gilbert and Frankenheimer).

Renoir then spent seven years filming with Cousteau aboard the Calypso, winning 4 nominations and 2 prestigious Emmy Awards. Important reportages shot in Bangladesh, North Korea and Lebanon followed, before a return to the cinema and to TV series (Navarro).

Author of a romanticised biography of Auguste Renoir, to be filmed this Autumn, his overriding passion remains photography and the works exhibited underscore the magic and flexibility of digital images.

They fall into four headings : ‘EMPREINTES’, whose lacerated vestiges of posters on the Paris Métro provide a telling and artistic interpretation of our consumer and media-led society. Their colours, shapes and textures, transformed onto canvas, become paintings in their own right.

In ‘COLLISIONS’, Renoir’s images recycle and ennoble abandoned materials on rubbish dumps in France and the USA, the compressions reveal the draped shapes cherished by the great artists of the Renaissance, and the scoured metallic surfaces against a grey ground are reminiscent of the technique of engraving.

Within the intimacy of an Artist’s Studio Renoir is privileged to witness and capture moments of grace which he transmits using a mixed technique of black and white and colour so as to enhance and favour the work rather than the artist, whose workplace may be out in the street, on the Métro or in a museum, as in his remarkable series exhibited in parallel with last year’s great Cézanne exhibition at the musée Granet in Aix en Provence. The sole constant, for Renoir, must be the expression of strength and passion of the artist for his or her creation. Then again, the moving lines of The Nude form an outline that Renoir freeze- frames in space and time and transforms to ressemble a drawing or an engraving, an appearance that is reinforced by printing onto Arches paper.

Finally, and most appropriately, René Latapie’s touching poem dedicated to ‘Renoir’s Olive Trees at Les Collettes, Cagnes’, is beautifully illustrated by Jacques Renoir’s black and white images.

Edition de L’Ormaie Signed Portfolio Edition limited to 25 examples on Arches paper Comprising 12 pages and 12 photographs numbered I to XXV.

Jacques Renoir

15th August - 6th October 2007
10 - 12 am and 4 - 7 pm
from Wednesday to Saturday
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Photos of the Détours exhibition by Jacques Renoir

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