Biographical notes

I was born in Bar-sur-Seine in the Aude region, in the village where both my father and grandfather were bakers.

In the 1980s, following the birth of my son, I undertook a theatrical make-up course in Paris before going on to obtain a diploma in children's fashionware design.

Only later, when participating in a ceramics course, did I find my true vocation. Even though I was at that time a house-bound mother, that very first day I knew I had found my means of expression in that most basic of materials that have been used since time immemorial.

Just like my father, and his father before him, I too have become a "guardian of the fire".

I knew then and there that by working clay, fragile but, nevertheless, everlasting, just as an author models words, I could express my feelings, emotions, even my anger, through this medium, which demands skills that are the most simple and at the same time ancestral. Clay, imbued with symbology, enables one to confront the mysteries of life, to express myself as an activist, as an artist and as a woman, and through my work, to connect with men.

My work

I use local clay, a point of departure which permits me to set off each time on a new voyage of discovery.

I do not use glazes, seeking simplicity and pureness of form, the better to channel my feelings.

My work always follows specific themes, but always those that concern human relationships, and particularly those that involve the family unit.

I denounce the rôle of women in society.

My works always show optimism in line with my fervent belief in humanity. I go out myself to find the clay, I dry it, I mould it and then construct, piece by piece, just as we construct our life or our thoughts, patiently, passionately, obsessively.

I aim for my sculptures to inhabit their surroundings, be it indoors or outdoors, and for them to become as indispensable and as naturally discreet as the tree is for nature. My wish is that they caress the soul of those that regard them , that they act as talismen.

I hope to say my work is poetical and feminine.

Events and exhibitions

2004 : Les Inattendus, Saint Savine

2005 : Les Inattendus, Saint Savine
           La Ronde des Feux, Chaource

2006 : Les Inattendus, Saint Savine
           Les Nuits de Champagne, Troyes

2007 : Les Inattendus, Saint Savine
           Les Nuits de Champagne, Troyes

2008 : Exposition des artistes champenois, Troyes
           Exposition de totems, organised by the centre Unesco
           Prix Unesco, Troyes
           Les Inattendus, Saint Savine
           Les Nuits de Champagne, Troyes

2009 : Musée d'art moderne
           Les Inattendus, Saint Savine
           Galerie Karen Gulden, Paris
           Galerie Chloé van Dongen, Troyes
           Galerie L'Arrivage, Troyes

2010 : Artis residency at the centre d'art contemporain Ginkgo, Troyes
           Salon Art Metz, Metz
           Exposition Jardin ouvert, Troyes
           Les Chevalets, Essoyes
           La Maison du Boulanger, Champagne Chassenay d'Arce
           Les artistes ouvrent leur porte, Troyes
           GMAC Bastille, Paris
           Salon Élan d'art, Corum Montpellier

2011: Galerie Christiane Peugeot, Paris
           SIAC, Marseille
           Galerie Hébert, Paris
           Grand marché d'art contemporain, Bastille Paris
           Festival d'art singulier de Bannes
           Salon Trans'Arts, Cogolin
           La Petite Chapelle, Bar-sur-Seine
           Résidence au centre d'art contemporain Ginkgo, Troyes

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