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Crosby – Liverpool

Bruce began shooting as a professional fashion and portrait photographer back in 1983, the black and white ball gown image below was from his first fashion photography commission. Since then he has continued to produce stunning and incredibly memorable fashion images, portraits, fine art photography, celebrity portraits, art nudes and boudoir style portrait photography.

Commissioned by major international fashion clients, shooting high fashion, haute couture, bridal wear, lingerie, swimwear and hosiery in far flung exotic places like Africa, in Australia, in America, in Alaska, in Thailand, in Borneo, in Vietnam, in Spain, in France, Morocco, Austria, to mention just a few. Creating fashion images on a specialised skill level that leaves other great photographers in complete awe of what he has achieved.

In the early 2000’s Bruce was commissioned to pen the first how to photograph digital fashion photography book, “Fashion Photography A Complete Guide”. (read about this book)

The cover of the USA version is below, it has also been published in Europe, UK and China. The publishing of this fashion photography book led to Bruce being invited to speak and teach at photography conventions, seminars and arts academies all over the world. This then led him to start “The Bruce Smith Photography Academy” which he still runs today offering aspiring new photographers his insights into creating beautiful images of people.

With the recent change in his own perspectives on life, Bruce decided that he would move more towards photographing real people, not to say the beautiful models he has been photographing for 40 years are not real people, because they are. Bruce created his portrait photographer in France business to bring his many years of experience creating stunning fashion images to the every day people so they can experience what it feels like to be in front of the camera so they can feel beautiful and fabulous about themselves.