Déchiré et assemblé - Paper, Ink, Acrylic - dim : 12 x 10,5 cm
Déchiré et assemblé - Paper, Ink, Acrylic - dim : 12 x 10,5 cm
Déchiré et assemblé - Paper, Ink, Acrylic - dim : 12 x 12 cm
Déchiré et assemblé - Paper, Ink, Acrylic - dim : 12 x 12 cm
Déchiré et assemblé - Paper, Ink, Acrylic - dim :12 x 10,5 cm



Ieva Babilaitė (born 1973) is a broad spectrum of artistic painter, illustrated more than 15 children’s books, several of them, and author and artist.
The exhibition can expressively see two pictures in the book of creation stages – Illustrations development and construction of the book. These are two different creative fields, like a separate dishes, which combines book artist-architect, who sees and knows how to bind and changing shape, and location of where the picture disappears and covered as new plot.

A graduate of the Graphic Art Department MA and Art Therapy of Vilnius Academy of Art. A member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union and the Lithuanian section of IBBY, Ieva Babilaite has held fourteen solo exhibitions and has been part of many group shows, both in Lithuania and abroad. She is a versatile artist and has illustrated nineteen children’s books, including several she wrote herself. In her graphic work, she tries to apply new forms of expression to the illustration of children’s books. The artistic merit and originality of her work have been recognized by many awards and prizes. Picture book « fly » (2014) included in the IBBY Honour List.


2019  Diploma for the illustrated book, R.Latvėnaitė „Kas tas Asis“ (Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos ledykla, 2018), Papyrus, Lithuania.

2018 Premium of Lithuanian Ministry of culture for the illustrated book D. Čepauskaitė „Baisiai gražūs eilėraščiai“ (Žalias kalnas, 2017).

2014 Premium of Lithuanian Ministry of culture, for the illustrated book „I will fly“,

2014 Grant of Lithuania Ministry of culture

2013 Diploma in Tallinn Illustration Triennial « power of images ».

2013 Diploma for the work of art « Hare sweet tooth, » which Mr. Mašiotas 150 th birthday anniversary dedicated to picture books, won second place in the competition.

2012 First premium of the Book Art contest, Vilnius 2012 for the book “Granny’s Life and Other” A. Šimkus, I.Babilaitė,

2012 First premium in Book Art Exhibition for the illustrated book “Granny’s Life and Other”

2012 “Granny’s Life and Other” A. Šimkus, I. Babilaitė, 2012 awarded to the most artistic illustrated poetry book, IBBY Association

2012 IBBY diploma for the most artistic illustrated book “Rabbit Francis surely”

2006 Premium of Lithuanian Ministry of culture for the illustrated book “Ule and mouse”

2014 Grant of Lithuania Ministry of culture

2009 Grant of Lithuania Ministry of culture

2002 Grant of Lithuania Ministry of culture


Workshops are lead at book fairs: Leipzig, Krakow, Kiev and Vilnius. In ten cities of Ukraine,    

Frankfurt Refugee Center, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, international books festival in Branderburge  „Das Dustere und das heitere“, international books festival in Berlin„Berliner Bucherinseln ,the project Pop Up in Peterborouch Collage, England, Tbilisi, Kids Euro festival Washington.


2019 „ Chaos or thinking about the Order “, gallery 5 Malūnai, Vilnius

2018 „Twins? “, Centre international D ‘ART contemporain Chateau De Carros, France

2015 “David Psalms”, Vilnius “Arka” Gallery, Lithuania

2009 “Radiant Vilnius”, “Darijaus papuošalai” gallery, Vilnius

2008 “Sapiegu Madona” drawing exhibition, “Darijaus papuosalai” gallery, Vilnius

2005 “Story of Job”, V. and K. Mizgiris Amber Museum, Vilnius

2004 “Portraits”, Gallery De Hazelaars Sculptures, Soest, the Netherlands

2003 “Windy and Bud”, V. and K. Mizgiris Amber Museum, Vilnius

         “David Psalms”, calligraphy exhibition, Gaon Jewish Museum, Vilnius

2002 “Lapland”, painting exhibition, Vartai Gallery, Vilnius

“Psalms”, calligraphy exhibition, Gallery De Hazelaars Sculptures, Soest, the Netherlands

“Move through the Colours”, rugs exhibition, Town Hall Gallery, Vilnius

“Lapland”, Peda Gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania

“Diaries without endings”, V. and K. Mizgiris artists’ house, Nida, Lithuania


2018 Book Art Exhibition for iliustration , Gallery Kairė-dešinė, Vilnius

2018 Baltic countries Illustrator’s exhibition, Londono book fair 2018, London

2017 Exhibition for iliustration, „Berliner Bucherinseln 2017“The festival in Germany

2016 Cultural exchanges, Lithuania-Ukraine, exhibition for iliustration in Kiev, Ukraine

2015 Book Art Exhibition, Vilnius “Arka” Gallery, Lithuania

2014 New ilustrations from Llithuania, Salondu livre et de la presse jeunesse seine-Saint-Denis Montreuil, France

2013 Contemporary Lithuanian Children’s Book Illustration « by Martin Luther King Library, USA

2013 4th Tallinn Illustration Triennial, « The Power of Pictures”, National Library of Estonia, Tallinn

2013 Four Artists’ Books exhibition of illustrations. St. John Gallery, Vilnius

2012 Book Art Exhibition, Vilnius “Arka” Gallery, Lithuania

2012 Lithuanian illustrator’s exhibition in Pavija, Italy

2011 Bologna children’s book fair, Illustrarium, Italy

2008 international Grote Prijs Kalligrafie, Antwerpen, Belgium

2006 international exhibition for iliustration in Talin

2005 The fifth international paper exhibition “Musee du Pays et Val de Charmay”, Charmay,    Switzerland.

2004 “Margins”, “Kaire- Desine” Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania 

2004 “Instance in art”, Vasby Konsthall, Sweden

2004 “Instance in art”, Krebsen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 

2003 “De fil en fil…” Cite des métiers et des arts, Limoges, France

Since 1999, member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Déchiré et assemblé - Paper, Ink, Acrylic - dim : 22 x 53 cm
Press release

The modern piece of art is constituted of at least two components – idea and composition. Viewing handmade paper art it is necessary to perceive how this correlation of idea and manufacturing steps over the limits of needlework. The professional artist steps over these limits and faces the same initial void like a painter in front of white canvas or a drawer facing the empty paper sheet. Paper works in general is the phenomenon of modern art. Working with the paper for the artist is not just occupation, but professional and inner necessity.

Communiqué de presse

Une oeuvre d’Art contemporaine comprend au moins deux éléments : l’idée et la composition. Environnant l’art fabriqué avec du papier fait main il est nécessaire d’apercevoir comment cette corrélation entre l’idée et la création dépasse le limites de la couture. L’artiste professionnel franchit ses limites et doit faire face au vide initial juste comme l’artiste  qui contemple une toile vierge ou bien un dessinateur devant un papier blanc . L’oeuvre sur papier c’est le phénomène d’art moderne . Travailler sur et avec du papier est une obligation Inée plutôt qu’une obligation banale. 

Artist statement

Robbery and stacking of papers are a lonely process. In order to create a new form, a second story-line for my work, I need to be alone and concentrated but in an environment, that inspires it. The sketches for my new ideas I can draw everywhere in the plain, in the coffee bar, next to the window. Always choosing the window, it is necessary; you never know what an expected thing can come out.

Démarche artistique

Le vol et l’empilage de papiers sont des moments solitaires. Afin de créer une nouvelle forme, comme sous texte  pour mon oeuvre j’ai besoin de solitude et de concentration  dans un environnement qui m’inspire. Les croquis pour mes nouvelles idées peuvent se faire partout dans un café, assise près de la fenêtre. Je choisis toujours la fenêtre car on ne sait jamais ce qui va se passer.