William Braemer is a South Florida artist who also owns his own gallery in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. His artwork is the result of an amazing life experience and a personality that hungers for rich, character-defining adventures. He is a prolific artist and creates large format, mixed media paintings as well as elaborate coin sculptures. William’s paintings can be defined as abstract expressionism; notably flavoured with valiant colours, rich strokes and provocative themes. William states “my intense passion and extreme love of life is the foundation of my creativity. I like to define my artistic style as abstract in nature coupled with an expressionist quality. My interpretation of a subject matter is transformed into rich, vibrant bold colours, they are an awakening of the soul, uplifting and radiant. They evoke many moods and each piece I create is a moment in my life and a reflection of that moment in time.” William’s paintings are created in custom sizes and his mediums vary to include moulding paste, cement, crackle medium, oil pastels, oils, acrylics, pumice, gold leaf and variegated leaf, sand, resins, even recycled shredded paper. His ornately crafted sculptures are labour intensive and, thanks to his tenacity and determination, are completed after many months of continuous work. William’s full body and torsos sculptures may include US and Canadian pennies, US dimes and nickels, sea shells, resin flowers, miniature pearls, glass stones and recycled paintbrushes. Some of his sculptures even wear Christian Louboutin’s famed red sole shoes.

William’s artwork appeals to a wide cross-section of collectors. His works can be found in private and public collections around the world and he works closely with many interior designers creating commission paintings and sculptures for a variety of private and commercial properties.



Beddington Fine Art Bargemon in partnership with gallery Abba  August – September 2016
Open Art Code Tokyo – Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, September – October 2016
Americans in London – OXO Gallery, London, UK, July 2016
Baker Furniture Showroom – Dcota Design Center, Dania, FL, US, March 2016
Open Art Code Venice – Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, Venice, Italy, February 2016
Gemluc Art – Auditorium Rainier III, Monaco, October 2015
Celebrating the Venice Biennale – BIM Banca Intermobiliare, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy, May 2015
Celebrating EXPO – BIM Banca Intermobiliare and Aston Martin Milano, Milan, Italy, April 2015
Open Art Code Paris – Art Capital Grand Palais – Paris, France, November 2014
Chianti Star Festival – Palazzo Malaspina, San Donato in Poggio, Tuscany, Italy, July 2014
Miami Red Dot Art Fair –  Miami, Florida, US, November – December 2011
Dasilva Internationale Galerie – Villeneuve D’ascq, France, April – May 2010
Wannabee Gallery – Milano, Italy, 2010
Agora Gallery – Chelsea, New York, NY, US, 2010
La Biennale di Venezia –Exhibition with Wannabee Gallery, Venice, Italy, June 2009
Le SM’ART domaine de la Baume – Salon international d’art contemporain – Aix-en-Provence, France, May – June, 2009
Galería Agora-3 –  Sitges-Barcelona, Spain, January – February, 2009
Galeria Silvia Sennacheribbo – Barcelona, Spain, January 2009
Ongoing exhibition at Art Fusion Galleries –  Miami, Florida, US, since 1999 till present